Making Nutritional Choices in Bangkok

There’s no denying that Bangkok has established itself as a foodie paradise in Asia. The streets and sois of this amazing city are inundated with gastronomical options from within the country borders to palette-heightened options from across the region and the globe. The food scene is not only traditional, focusing on those Thai favorites; the city boasts ample opportunities to try out some of the more daring and fusion-infused cuisines where the creative minds of master chefs dazzle patrons with a kaleidoscope of options to choose from.

And when we want to dig in, we want to make sure to enjoy without exceeding indulgence levels. As we all know, everything with the word ‘too’ added to it often is less beneficial for one’s health. The food culture definitely is one of the main drivers of keeping your intake in check.

But when choices are as broad, and increasingly expanding, the choices one makes to keep your health in check become cumbersome once your taste buds crave something new. Quality and experience are truly the cornerstones for any gastronomic feast, be it street-side or roof-top based.

The principles of eating well and right remain unchanged, irrespectively which world cuisine you opt for. As we expand our database of restaurants with a true health theme, so are our parameters of ensuring you eat well, dig into some deliciousness and feel satiated.

In collaboration with Fitness Bangkok’s nutrition experts, and foodies in their own right, here are some considerations to make when you want to explore either novel ways for culinary encounters or just head out to a local street food stall.

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