The Fitness Studio’s Making a Splash in the Bangkok fitness

Bangkok has its fair share of fitness studios and gyms to cater to the needs of those in need to break out a sweat. Young and old, movement envelopes all the ingredients to catalyze one’s health to much-needed heights.

While the majority of the registered fitness centers are housed within the compounds of hotels and serviced apartments, the catch in finding the right one for your health needs is often not to be found here. Designed to offer services for short-term visitors and complement the ever-expansive needs to offer clients a healthy outlet, it is not the state-of-the-art hardware that sets the trend.

These gyms often lack the software – the human factor of professionally and consistently raising the bar high.

The people, coaches, strategies, and complementing services that truly accelerate results are what is missing. Partially integrated into a wellness concept of some nature – swimming pool, spa, healthy diets, and what else is marketed as “wellness”, true results have to be found in dedicated fitness and health centers.

As with many other cities in Asia, the Bangkok health scene has seen its fair share of success when operators offer something around the goals of the individual.

Here are three fitness studios that definitely have embraced looking for that niche and carving out paths for those in need of a healthier physique.

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