Why Choose a Specialist Physio for your Pain Management

Bangkok is inundated with physiotherapist centers each trying to grasp a share of the market. According to the latest reports (as of Dec 2022), more than 800 physiotherapy centers have established themselves in Bangkok alone.

An exponential growth compared to a decade ago when the numbers were by far lower. Reasons plenty for the rise of pain-relieving methods, however, a large quantity of these newly established centers and clinics have their roots connected to routinely ignoring lifestyle positions.

From lower back solutions to office syndrome practices, the generic physiotherapy environment in Bangkok is seeing further expansion, primarily concentrated on the demands of modern-day life.

If your outcome is work and sleep pain-free, this may be a solution for you, however, the feedback from some of Fitness Bangkok’s clients revolves around more than shallowly putting attention on superficial pain points.

In many cases, the pain clients perceive has its roots deeper, other than touching the sore muscles in the shoulder region and lower back. As with a lot of situations where stress is mounting up, other parts of the human body feel the strain, too.

It is here where specialist physiotherapists shine the brightest.

Lifestyle postures of any kind are merely one of the reasons patients visit physiotherapists. Primarily through EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), many clinics and centers are opting for a technique that may temporarily alleviate the pain but does not eradicate the cause of it. Through other aspects, such as massages, corrective posture assessments, needling, trigger point treatment, and even strength and resistance training, patients have shown a much faster and more sustainable recovery.

However, it is not the main reason why a visit to a specialist physiotherapist is a priority.

As the majority of patients will head out to one of the major hospitals, many of the patients seeking treatment for their pain are often left in the mill of medical treatments and repetitive visits. It is here where the caveat lies in sustainably, and less frequent consultations really can make a difference.

Because general practitioners and doctors are not physiotherapists.

And in many cases, it is not needed to take prescriptions for pills and ointments for something a physiotherapist can treat. Without the use of a plethora of pharmaceuticals that may help temporarily but are never a permanent solution.

Fitness Bangkok has seen a stream of inquiries coming in connected to patients who have just been going through the hospital motions and not seeing results or experiencing less-than-expected improvement in their pain levels for an extended period of time.

If you do get stuck with your recurrent visits to Bangkok hospitals, and not seeing results through expensive treatment plans, your best option is to ask for a second opinion with a fully licensed and qualified physiotherapist. Our directory has quite a number of certified practices with reviews to back up their claim.

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